Tradeline Corporation

Spray Lances

Lance is an important component of the discharge line of the pest control equipment. One end of the Lance is attached to Nozzle while the other is attached with cut-off devise. The spray liquid after being released by the cut-off devise reaches the Nozzle through lance. The lance of a seamless Brass tube construction of lance 500 mm to 900 mm one end bent as gooseneck or straight.


Spray Guns & Lances
KJG / A Jacto Spray Gun
P-5 / SGA Spray Gun (Pilot-505)
KFGT / A Spray Gun (Trigger Type)
KFGS / A Spray Gun (Screw Type)
K-EXA / 25 Straight Spray Lance 60 cm
K-EXA / 2PG Goose Neck Spray Lance 60 cm
K-EXA / 3G Goose Neck Spray Lance 90 cm